The HCFMO’s Community Outreach section provides a series of free informational programs designed to address fire/life safety issues for citizens in the unincorporated areas of Harris County. Programs usually range from 45 minutes to an hour in length.

Most include a lecture, a PowerPoint presentation or short video accompanied by informative handout materials. Upon request, many of these programs can be individually tailored to address your group. Requests are encouraged to be made at least 4 weeks in advance.


Available Programs

Forensic Evidence

For students interested in careers in the forensic sciences. A PowerPoint program covering fire scene forensics and criminal investigations are explored. Emphasis placed on use of an accelerant detection canine as a “tool” to help investigators determine the fires origin and cause. Included is a detailed examination of the canine olfactory system. (45-60 minutes).

Health Science

For students interested in careers in the health industry, the program details how canines assist humans in their everyday lives. Focus is placed on dogs that can detect diseases; alert people of oncoming seizures and aid humans with their physical or mental therapy. A PowerPoint presentation accompanies handouts covering canine sensory systems and careers working with dogs. Evolution of the modern dog is examined along with differences in canine and human physiology. (45-60 minutes).

Who We Are

Program covers the various functions and branches within the HCFMO. The PowerPoint program details the various responsibilities of each branch including a synopsis of their respective roles regarding fire investigations, fire/life safety inspections, hazardous materials response, along with various training and support functions. Brochures are provided to attendees referencing those rolls and contact information. Fire & Life Safety handouts and materials are also distributed. While the presentation can be provided to all groups, it has been popular and goes well for “Career Day” events at public schools. (30-60 minutes)

Fire Safety in the Workplace

This program covers a variety of fire safety matters that all employees should be aware of in their place of employment. PowerPoint and discussion covers fire protections systems, means of egress, electrical and storage hazards. Fire safety and prevention materials reinforcing points made in the presentation are distributed to attendees. (30-45 minutes).

High-Rise/Mid-Rise/Atrium Building Fire Safety

The program discusses the importance of having and following the fire/life safety plan for the building. PowerPoint shows hazards that are preventable but can be easily corrected. Hi-Rise Building safety materials are distributed to attendees for future reference. (45-60 minutes).

Senior Fire Safety

Program covers safety measures seniors can take to prevent fires, falls and accidents. A 10-minute video illustrating household hazards and how to reduce them is shown. Presenter highlights several key issues on the video followed by a question & answer session designed to address the needs and concerns related to older citizens. Cinder helps emphasize and demonstrates some of these issues. Safety handouts and materials are distributed. (30-45 minutes).

School Inspection/Fire Safety Tips

Program focuses on several common deficiencies HCFMO inspectors encounter when inspecting schools in Harris County. PowerPoint presentation illustrates those deficiencies, their implication and how to correct them. Printed copies of the main points are distributed along other education-related fire safety material. Program primarily designed for teachers and school administrators. (45-60 minutes).

Home/Foster Home Fire Safety

Program identifies fire and life safety hazards in the home, whether it’s an apartment, mobile home or single family dwelling. PowerPoint illustrates hazards and ways to prevent fires from occurring. Discussion covers fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and fire exit safety planning. Handouts and family safety planning information is provided. (30-45 minutes).

Pre-School/Elementary/Small Children

Program covers good fires vs. bad fires; lighters & matches are tools not toys; smoke detectors and calling “911” for emergencies. HCFMO Outreach Canine “Cinder” demonstrates crawling low under the smoke and telling an adult about matches and lighters. Trading cards and safety handouts are distributed (in English & Spanish). A short video is shown emphasizing key fire safety issues. Children can have their picture taken with Cinder. (20-30 minutes/depending upon size of group).