The Compliance Engine

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The Compliance Engine

The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office is dedicated to delivering 100% compliance with our adopted Fire Code. This web-based service will aggregate, track and streamline the collection of compliance data of our jurisdiction’s systems.

Property owners will receive timely proactive notifications of their testing requirements, and the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office will gain the ability to better mitigate the risk in our community by improving public safety to our citizens.

The Compliance Engine - Information

Contact Information
4355 Weaver Parkway, Suite 230 Warrenville, Illinois 60555
By Fax: 630-413-9511
By Email:


All service providers who inspect or test fire protection systems within the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office jurisdictionare required to register and submit all test, inspection and service reports via The Compliance Engine. All reports must be submitted in accordance with the testing schedule and requirements outlined in our adopted fire code.

Systems Tracked

  • Private Hydrant System 
  • Fire Pump 
  • Paint/Spray Booth 
  • Fire Escape 
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System 
  • 5yr Fire Sprinkler System 
  • Fire Alarm System 
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression 
  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 
  • Emergency Generator 
  • Special Suppression System 
  • Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies 
  • Emergency Radio Responder Coverage System 
  • Active Smoke Control System Standpipe

Key Processes to Know

  • Select correct template for each report submitted: Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Kitchen Hood, etc.
  • Enter all test reports and type out deficiencies
  • Attach pdf version of inspection report when using short form (fire protection systems only)
  • Ensure all reports entered are submitted for payment
  • Update deficiency tracking to inform AHJ that violations have been corrected
  • Check notifications icon to track sent out by AHJ
  • Open inspection reports are saved reports not yet submitted to AHJ, if not submitting these to AHJ delete
  • Submit a new premise when necessary (if you cannot locate the premises in the existing database)
  • View your transaction list to confirm correct payment
  • Create new users when necessary
  • Update credit card information

Keys to Get Started

  • Register at
  • Sign up for training
  • Complete account set up by entering all inspectors, inspector licenses, and company licenses
  • Add Users and company logo for brand awareness

Benefits to You

  • Increases market opportunity and demand for your fire protection services
  • Ensures all reports arrive, affording you the ability to track our department’s follow up
  • Enhances maintenance revenue and timeliness of deficiency corrections
  • Improves customer retention with renewal notifications identifying you as company of record
  • Minimizes non licensed contractors from working in your market

This proven process requires the service provider pay a nominal filing fee at the time of submittal. There is no fee to register your company with The Compliance Engine. Once registered, pricing is viewable under the AHJ icon in The Compliance Engine. If you are a licensed fire protection system contractor and are not currently registered with Brycer, please do so at