The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office Investigations Division is responsible for fire, arson and explosion investigations in unincorporated Harris County. We have 25 investigators, which include one division chief and five supervisors.

Investigators respond 24 hours a day

HCFMO investigators coordinate with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office
regarding criminal charges.



What We Do

We provide investigative services for over 56 fire departments in the area of Harris County. Our investigators respond to calls for service from fire, police and other municipal and government agencies to investigate fires for origin and cause .Harris County Fire Marshal investigators are certified through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Fire Marshal Investigators are certified Peace Officers.
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K9 Information

Accelerant Detection Teams assist fire investigators in locating areas for collection of evidence samples for laboratory analysis at fire scenes. An ignitable liquid is an accelerant when it is intentionally used to start a fire or increase the growth or spread of a fire. HCFMO canine handler teams are used to detect possible evidence of accelerant use at a fire scene. HCFMO canines are trained to indicate to the trace presence of 14 ignitable liquids. HCFMO canine teams are certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association, The Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Canine Accelerant Detection Association. Both HCFMO K9s were donated by K9s4Cops.

Reporting a Crime

To submit an Arson Tip, call the 24hr Houston Crime Stoppers Hotline at (713) 222-8477 or visit crime-stoppers.org. All tips remain anonymous.