Prevention / Inspections

Existing Facilities

Day Care Center

Day Care center or afterschool program previously inspected by the HCFMO.

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Residential Treatment

Includes 24 hour care – assisted living, personal care home, residential treatment, residential board and care, general residential operation. This is only for facilities licensed through the state of Texas. 

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Massage Establishment

A Massage Establishment is any building, room, place or any establishment whose business includes advertising or offering a massage or other massage service.

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Vocational Schools

A Vocational School is a career-focused school that prepares and trains students for a specific occupation, such as trade schools, technical schools, and career schools.

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Outpatient Facility

“Type B” businesses operating as outpatient clinics.

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Foster Group Home

  • (7 – 12 children)
  • Provides care for 7 to 12 children or young adults.

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Hospital or Nursing Home

Hospitals and nursing homes provide one or more of the following: medical, surgical, psychiatric, nursing or custodial care on a 24-hour basis for persons who are not capable of self-preservation.

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Foster Home

  • (1 – 6 children)
  • Provides care for up to 6 children or young adults.

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Adult Care Facility

Adult Day Care Facilities for less than 24 hour use.

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