Suspicious Activity Report
Suspicious Activity Report
Please refer to the SAR Procedures for additional information. Notice: If there is an obvious or imminent risk to life and public safety, immediately contact local law enforcement. Otherwise, continue with normal operations. Submit this SAR as soon as practical in either case.
Eliciting Information
Testing of Security (Physical/CYBER)
Theft/Loss/Diversion (ID/Visas/Passports)
Materials Acquisition/Storage
Acquisition of Expertise
Breach/Attempted Intrusion
Sector Specific Incident (CIKR)
Expressed or Implied Threat
Sector-Specific Incident
Weapons Discovery
Threat Against Public Figure(s)
Please provide a detailed narrative including the date, time, location, call/incident #, and the type of incident. In addition, include a description of individuals involved, vehicles, facilities, behaviors, location of incident, etc…
If Law Enforcement was contacted:
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