Knox Box

Verify Jurisdiction

The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office only inspects facilities located within Harris County and outside any city limits.

The address is in unincorporated Harris County and the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office is your fire and life safety contact if the “Law Juris.” column contains “Sheriff.”

Purchase Knox Box

Step 1: Visit Harris County’s Knox Box Website to purchase a lock.

Step 2: Ensure the following information is located in the “Your Shopping” tab in the top left corner.

Your location: Texas

Local fire department/agency: Harris Co. Fire Marshals Office

Step 3: Is your business residential or commercial?

Locking Knox Box

Step 4: Contact your local fire department to open the Knox Box for installation.

Step 5: If the fire department is not available to provide the service listed in Step 4; visit one of HCFMO’s locations to schedule the locking of your Knox Box.

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