The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Fire Prevention division is responsible for ensuring that all new buildings in unincorporated Harris County are built in compliance with the adopted Fire Code and that all existing buildings are maintained to prevent fire and life safety hazards.

The fire inspectors conduct inspections primarily during normal business hours Monday through Friday, but are available after hours and on weekends when requested.

Inspection Services


Final Inspection


Existing Facilities


Operational Permits


Special Events




Report Hazard

Am I New or Existing?

To qualify as an existing facility, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Your facility must have been built before 1/1/2005 and has never changed.
  • Your facility must have been in continuing operation as your current property type since 1/1/2005.

If ANY of the above does not apply, you need to apply for a permit, not an inspection.

Request an Inspection for New Facilities

New Facilities require a permit number from Harris County Permits. The fees for the final inspection are included in the original permit fee paid at Harris County Permits.

The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office only inspects facilities located
within Harris County and outside city limits.

The address is in unincorporated Harris County and the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office is your fire life safety contact if the “Law Juris.” column contains “Sheriff”.

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