Fire and Life Safety Inspection

Physical Address:  13700 BEECHNUT HOUSTON, TX 77083
Occupancy:  FUNPLEX
Property Type:  Amusement arcade A-3
Key Map®:  528K
Inspections ID:  _5d9d7BF816FAAD4

2 deficiencies were found on 09/28/2013 and are listed below:

06 901.6 Fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems shall be maintained in an operative condition at all times, and shall be replaced or repaired where defective. Nonrequired fire protection systems and equipment shall be inspected, tested and maintained or removed. **Fire alarm system is Yellow tagged, red tagged, and was currently in trouble during the inspection.
06 403.1 When, in the opinion of the fire code official, it is essential for public safety in a place of assembly or any other place where people congregate, because of the number of persons, or the nature of the performance, exhibition, display, contest or activity, the owner, agent or lessee shall provide one or more fire watch personnel, as required and approved, to remain on duty during the times such places are open to the public, or when such activity is being conducted. **See FMO 2013-145

The following FMOs have not been cleared at this occupancy:

FMO NumberDate IssuedDetails
11 1667/06/2011see fmo attachements and one step for details
2011-30712/30/2011 Issued FMO 2011-307 to Ms Hernandez for Voice Communication, Fire alarm system and Occupancy Load requirements.
2011-30812/30/2011Issued FMO 2011-308 to Ms Crawford - Event Promoter to keep occupant load at or below 999 occupants.

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